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Water is the source of life, for us, it only makes sense to ensure that we are getting the best quality there is for our everyday living, we created products that does just that. Aside from the water we consume, it is imperative to be cautious about what kind of water we use in the shower and kitchen because it has direct contact on our skin and on the food we eat. More than health reasons, our products aim to have good environmental impact by saving water in our daily consumption. 

We believe that all these depicts the essence of Pure Living and as part of this healthy lifestyle, we take pride in our Vitamin Infused shower products which is nothing short of a luxurious spa showering experience right at your home.

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Neo shower head


水是美容的终极秘诀,所以为什么不确保淋浴时使用的水能为您提供可选的护肤功效呢?护肤注入淋浴:在淋浴中补充每日剂量的维生素 C,以达到提亮肌肤和抗氧化的效果。将自己浸泡在更清洁、更健康的水和含有奶粉、天然甘油和胶原蛋白的维生素过滤器中。在淋浴时开始您的皮肤护理路线! 水疗淋浴: B eauty 是由内而外的健康,因此享受香薰油带来的愉悦体验 极致体验,根据心情选择不同的香味。在家享受终极放松。  

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我们经常忘记通过水龙头的化学物质,但现在不会了。使用更清洁的水来清洗食物、手、器皿和物品,开始更健康的生活方式其他一切。我们的 Prima 系列主要针对我们日常使用的自来水。通过产品质量检测领域领先品牌 SGS 的检测。 

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