1. Is Pure Living a Filipino company?
PURE LIVING WELLNESS INTERNATIONAL INC. is a fully homegrown brand, created to promote beauty and wellness for everyone, and to provide Filipinos with an opportunity that will enable them to achieve their aspirations through its business platform.
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  1. Can Pure Living products be used by everyone?
VITASENSE filters, shower heads and cartridges are ideal for everyone and can be used by the whole family, however, it is always best to take precautions and consult a medical expert if you have existing allergies.
Our LUXELLE devices and skin care lines are ideal for all skin types and address different concerns.  However, it would be best to consult with a dermatologist if you have allergies, sensitive skin or other underlying conditions.  If you are pregnant, nursing, or on your menstrual period, it is advisable to consult a medical professional before using Luxelle devices. 
Individuals with allergies and women who are pregnant or nursing must also consult a medical professional before using our ULTIMA products. 
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  1. Why choose Pure Living?
Pure Living is a homegrown brand that believes in the power of beauty and wellness for everyone. 
Our business platform creates opportunities for modern-day entrepreneurs who aspire to uplift their lives and achieve their aspirations.  Pure Living is a direct selling platform that allows members to build a community of passionate and driven partners, earn commissions from personal and group sales, and avail of exclusive rewards or promotions. With Pure Living, you can be your own boss, build and grow your own business on your own time, wherever you are.
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  1. Are Pure Living’s products safe and effective?
Our products are effective, however, the journey to achieving perfect skin is a personal experience.  We highly suggest doing a skin patch test before completely immersing yourself in the full usage of products to check for any allergic or adverse reactions. The effects of the skin care products may vary, depending on your various factors including your skin condition, sensitivity and skin type, as well as proper usage.
As a precaution, if you have special conditions i.e. pregnant, lactating, or are on your menstrual period, we encourage you to consult with a medical professional beforehand.   Individuals with allergies, are taking medication, have underlying medical conditions or are undergoing treatments are also advised to check with a medical professional before using select products.
For devices, please refer to the product manual for specific product precautions.



  1. Where can I purchase your products?

You can purchase our products on our website https://pureliving.com.ph/ and from any Pure Living Member.

  1. Do you a have physical store?

At the moment, you may purchase our products on our website https://pureliving.com.ph/ and from any Pure Living Member.

  1. What are the accepted modes of payment?

The following modes of payment are accepted for website purchases: credit cards/debit card (Visa, MasterCard), E-wallets ( PayMaya , GCash & Grab Pay), Direct Debit (BPI & Unionbank).



  1. Courier Services available and shipping rates

We have partnered with LBC to bring your orders to your designated shipping address. As we outsource courier services of our products, shipping is not free. Please see table below for the corresponding shipping fee rates:

LBC Rates

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
After your purchase has been confirmed and payment has been verified, your order shall be processed within two (2) business days. You will receive an email or SMS with the tracking number for your reference and monitoring.
Your order shall be handed over and delivered by our partner courier service. Please take note of the LBC shipping lead time below:
Metro Manila 3 to 5 business days
Luzon 5 to 7 business days
Vis/Min 5 to 7 business days
Out of delivery zone (ODZ) additional 7 working days
Peak Season (Oct- Jan) additional 1-2 working days


  1. Do you ship outside of the Philippines?

At the moment, we can only process and fulfill orders within the Philippines.

  1. How do I track my order?
Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will be provided with an LBC tracking number via email or SMS. You may also track your orders via the LBC website link LBCExpress.com - Track and trace your delivery status.



  1. Do your products come with a warranty?
Rest assured that all our devices have undergone quality checking and come with a 1-year warranty.  
Please click here for a complete guide on warranty terms and conditions.
Should you wish to connect with our customer care team, you may send us an email at customercare@pureliving.com.ph or call or message us at (0996) 8158888.

  1. What are your policies on merchandise returns?
The following products are eligible for return:
  • Damaged during shipment
  • Wrong products received
  • Products with manufacturer’s defect

Product returns except those stated above, shall not be accepted for safety and hygiene reasons. We encourage you to report any related concerns via email to customercare@pureliving.com.ph within seven (7) days from receipt of item. Kindly include your complete name, member account number, reason for return and pictures of the damaged item for documentation and proper evaluation.

For complete procedure on the returns policy, please visit this link https://pureliving.com.ph/pages/refund-exchange-policy.



  1. How do I become a Pure Living Member?

Starting your journey with Pure Living can be done through the following: 

  1. Register online at www.pureliving.com.ph and fill out the necessary sponsor and applicant information.
  2. Register through an active member using the direct sign-up link provided by your sponsor.  

    You will receive your Pure Living ID Number once your have successfully completed the registration process.

    1. What requirements are needed in order to become a Pure Living Member?
    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • Personal Tax Identification Number (TIN) issued by the Philippine Government.
    • Any government issued valid ID for verification approval.
    • Sponsorship by an active Pure Living Member. If you do not have any sponsor and wish to proceed with your registration, please notify customercare@pureliving.com.ph for assistance.
    • A minimum purchase worth PhP 5,000 (distributor price) is required to activate your membership.
    • Complete and click on the Membership Agreement to proceed with your online member registration.

      Once completed, you may now start your Pure Living business journey and enjoy member benefits. 

      1. I would like to learn more about Pure Living’s products and its business platform.

      We would be happy to assist you on your journey to beauty and wellness with Pure Living. You may contact (0996)815 8888, send an email to customercare@pureliving.com.ph, or send us a message on Facebook

      Who we are

      • We are Pure Living Wellness International.
      • We believe in the importance of beauty and wellness in everyday living.
      • At the core of our business are products that promote beauty and wellness and a rewarding business platform that empowers modern-day entrepreneurs.

      Authorized Partner & Distributor

      ESSENTIAL PURELIVING  is an authorized partner & distributor of Pure Living Wellness International Inc.

      At Pure Living, we believe in the importance of beauty and wellness in everyday life. We wanted to give everyone a chance to experience attainable luxury living through our top of the line formulated & uniquely designed products. We’re happy to share our products with all of you! YOU deserve it.

      Our Mission

      is to promote beauty and wellness through our products and business platform.

      We bring in products and create brands that allow the consumers to experience beauty and wellness in their everyday life and we take these products to consumers through a rewarding business platform that partners with people who are passionately enterprising and highly motivated to pursue and define their own success.

      Our Vision

      is to become the preferred beauty and wellness business platform, providing products and the opportunity that empowers people to build a business of their own and uplift the lives of their family and the people around them.

      • Living Luxelle

        Luxelle is a brand that embraces different skin tone, conditions, dreams and needs. With the advent of revolutionary skincare products over the years we were inspired to go back to basic: YOUR SKIN. Using scientifically proven ingredients that are adaptive to our ever-evolving needs, we created a line that focuses to deliver progressive results. A superior skincare line to marry your needs and wants: enjoy pampering yourself with luxurious products, because YOU deserve it.

      • Vitasense

        ater is the source of life, for us, it only makes sense to ensure that we are getting the best quality there is for our everyday living, we created products that does just that. Aside from the water we consume, it is imperative to be cautious about what kind of water we use in the shower and kitchen because it has direct contact on our skin and on the food we eat.

      • Ultima

        ULTIMA is all about wellness at home. It ensures that you and
        your loved ones are in the pink of health, lifting your spirits
        and mood, and encourages a healthy lifestyle that begins with
        every moment and each space at home.

        Ultima is your Home wellness partner.

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