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Day Collection ( set of 5 )

Day Collection ( set of 5 )

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Our Day collection is carefully curated to help you wake up, boost feelings of happiness and positivity and revive your mindset to keep you feeling your best every day.

Lemon (Fresh, Clean, Sharp, Citrus) - Delicately sweet yet sharp and citrusy, our Lemon oil is uplifting and gently energizing for the mind and purifying for the body as an effective immune booster, leaving you feeling cleansed and content. It neutralizes unwanted odors and cleanses the air.

Grapefruit (Sweet, Citrusy, Juicy, Fresh) - Tangy, refreshing and juicy, Grapefruit is warmly comforting, brightening and rejuvenating for mind and body, may help stabilize your mood and gives a feeling of well-being. It neutralizes unwanted odors and cleanses the air.

Bergamot (Fresh, Sweet, Citrusy) - Fresh and bright with a mellow citrus aroma, bergamot is uplifting and soothing for the emotions, gently quelling frustration and balancing mood swings. May help relieve tension.

Lemongrass (Earthy, Strong, Lemony) - A strong, earthy, lemony aroma that uplifts your mood. Best oil to create a relaxing environment, making it a favorite scent for yoga or meditation. Helps reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity. Naturally repels insects.

Neroli (Sweet, Floral, Citrusy, Fresh) - Encourages feelings of calm and positivity, has a soothing effect on your mood, may help reduce stress or anxiety. Strengthens mental clarity, mindfulness, gives a sense of contentment and serenity.



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