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Luxelle Eye and Lip Beauty Pen

Luxelle Eye and Lip Beauty Pen

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Experience the Luxelle Advantage:

Luxelle Eye and Lip Beauty Pen is your go-to solution for a multitude of eye-related concerns. Our expertly crafted formula erases eye bags, banishes dark circles, smooths away fine lines, and tackles the notorious crow's feet. Whether you're facing tension, dehydration, or stress, Luxelle's Beauty Pen is the answer to your daily eye care routine.

Experience the Power of Luxelle Eye and lip Beauty Pen:

Luxelle understands the challenges of modern life – stress, eye strain, and the toll of busy days. Our Eye and Lip Beauty Pen is not just a product; it's a holistic approach to eye care that targets specific concerns. It erases eye bags, banishes dark circles, smooths away fine lines, tackles crow's feet, and provides versatile benefits suitable for everyone, everywhere.


5 Transformative Benefits:

Erase Eye Bags: Luxelle's precision formula targets and swiftly reduces puffiness and swelling for eyes that look and feel rejuvenated.

Banish Dark Circles: Achieve a brighter, refreshed gaze as Luxelle actively combats and eliminates dark circles.
Smooth Away Fine Lines: Luxelle's specialized blend reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a youthful
and radiant appearance.

Tackle Crow's Feet: Experience a smoother eye contour as Luxelle's Beauty Pen targets and minimizes the appearance of crow's feet.

Versatile Benefits for Everyone: Luxelle's formula is crafted for all skin types, ensuring everyone can enjoy the transformative benefits of this exceptional eye and lip care solution.

Embrace the Confidence Within:
Choosing Luxelle Eye and Lip Beauty Pen isn't just a transaction; it's an investment in your confidence and self-care journey. Imagine the satisfaction of looking in the mirror and witnessing the transformation – eyes free from puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Feel the stress and tension melt away as Luxelle's expertly crafted formula revitalizes and uplifts.

A 5-minute eye and lip spa device that uses high frequency vibration, red, yellow and blue triple-spectrum technology and 38-45 °C adjustable temperature to effectively release stress, relieve eye fatigue and reduce swelling.

Comfortable hot compress + adjustable vibration and the black gallstone massage head promote better nutrition absorption of skin care products. Helps stimulate your surrounding eye skin area, improve blood supply around the eyes and adjust eye pressure. Perfect for removing your eye bags, dark circles, fine lines and crow's feet. A great partner for your eye care!


Red light: Help to improve cell activity, promote cell metabolism, stimulate collagen growth increasing skin elasticity and repairing sensitive skin.

Blue light: relaxes the eyes, firms and improve elasticity eliminating puffiness.

Yellow light: promote cell growth and lymphatic detoxification, accelerate and reorganize the dermal structure, thereby forming delicate and shiny skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Derrish garay
I love it!

Love it!! A well thought device. Very Premium. From packaging , quality and customer service. One too many satisfied costumer here ❤️

Gianna L.

This really shrinks my eyebags. Satisfied with the effect on my undereye and lips. I always bring this in office to refresh my eyes.I just hope that there's option for cold temperature

Ashley perdigon

Super handy i love it 🩷


I've had this for over a year, I would rate it 5 out of 5. I usually only use it every 3 times a week because of my busy schedules.