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Luxelle Low Level Laser Growth Comb

Luxelle Low Level Laser Growth Comb

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Luxelle Low Level Laser Growth Comb

Hair Growth Comb Say goodbye to hair loss, greasy hair, and itchy scalp with our innovative Low Level Laser Growth Comb. It's not just a comb; it's your path to a head full of lustrous, healthy hair.

This device massages and nurses your scalp gently with its platinum material soft comb teeth with the combination of 3 technologies; LLLT Low Energy Laser, Electric Pulse Technology and High Frequency Sonic Vibration solving the problem of hair loss, greasy hair and itchy scalp. High voltage and low frequency electric pulse deeply penetrate the scalp that helps repair Follicular atrophy. High frequency sound wave vibration promotes blood circulation and hair regeneration.

 This growth comb is designed for individuals seeking a non-invasive solution to hair problems. Simply glide the comb over your scalp, letting the LLLT, electric pulses, and sonic vibrations work their magic. It's a hassle-free, relaxing experience that will leave your hair looking healthier and more vibrant.

Don't let hair troubles hold you back. Embrace the future of hair care with our Low Level Laser Growth Comb and unlock the beauty of your hair once again. Say hello to lustrous, healthy locks you'll be proud to flaunt!

For better result, apply hair growth product after using this device.

For sensitive scalp this device can be used for 10 minutes and 2-3 times a week. Excessive use can easily burden the scalp. For normal scalp this can be used daily.

Please do not use the device during the period of pregnancy.

People with the following symptoms should avoid using the device; Patients with heart disease, acute disease, infectious disease, allergic constitution, dermatitis, especially sensitive skin and scalp. Patients with pacemaker installation, vascular stent, cancer and tumor. Patients with wounds on the body surface and unhealed surgery



LLLT Low Energy Laser: Harness the power of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth.

Electric Pulse Technology: Revitalize your scalp with electric pulse technology, enhancing blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

High-Frequency Sonic Vibration: The gentle vibrations massage your scalp, further boosting circulation and relaxation.

High Voltage, Low-Frequency Electric Pulse: Combat greasy hair and itchy scalp, balancing oil production for a healthier scalp.

For Hair Troubles: Perfect for anyone struggling with hair loss, greasy hair, and an itchy scalp.

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Mark anthony

Ma fefeel ko talaga yung kiliti sa ulo kaya it’s really working!