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Mood Collection ( set of 5 )

Mood Collection ( set of 5 )

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Aromas that uplifts your mood

This collection brings together an array of aromas that all have one thing in common: it uplifts your mood. Consist of fresh, fruity, playful scents to help bring a smile to your face and inspire positivity around you.




Happy Thoughts (Fresh, Floral, Spicy) - Happy thoughts have the power to uplift your mood whenever you are down. This fresh, floral, spicy scent helps calm anxiety, eases irritability, and promotes feelings of joy.

Wake Up Happy (Fruity, Playful, Fresh) - A good morning routine helps you feel relaxed, alert and energized. Starting your day right means creating a feeling of happiness to take you through the day. Set your spirit and achieve your goals with this playful and fruity scent.

Me Time (Citrusy, Peppery, Aromatic) - When we have time to ourselves, we can be our true self: a person of love, compassion and calm. Float away on a cool tropical breeze with the scent of lime and peppery basil with an unexpected twist from aromatic white thyme.

Brand New Day (Minty, fresh, herbaceous) - Small changes in your morning routine can transform your entire day, and certain scents have properties that can uplift you and encourage kind thoughts. This minty, fresh and herbaceous scent will set the tone for positivity and productivity.

A breath of fresh air (Clean, Floral, Fresh) - Imagine being outside on a pleasant day, breathing in fresh air and being surrounded by nature. This floral-fresh scent is refreshing and new, making every experience even more memorable.

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