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Night Collection ( set of 5 )

Night Collection ( set of 5 )

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Cool down with Moments

Give your mind a break when its time to slow down, our Night Collection is carefully chosen to help you create a cozy sanctuary at home for a luxuriating, comforting, relaxing and restorative moments.




Chamomile (Sweet, Floral Aroma, Herbacious) - helps reduce anger and irritability, brings a sense of calm, and promotes restful sleep.

Lavender (Powder, Floral) - promotes relaxation, emotional stability and mental clarity. Inspires restful and quality sleep, helps anxiety, restlessness, and general emotional imbalance.

Frankincense (Sweet, Musky, Warm, Clean) - promotes feelings of relaxation and enlightenment. It also inspires mental balance, a sense of being grounded, and receptive to new experiences and thoughts.

Sandalwood (Woody, Sweet, Dry) - Promotes the feeling of a calm body at peace. Inspires passion and promotes confidence and clarity especially during yoga or meditation. Often used to help inspire sexual feelings, especially for men.

Eucalyptus (Strong, Aromatic, Minty) - Eucalyptus oil combines a naturally relaxing aroma with sinus-clearing properties. It warms and soothes, helping poor circulation and relieving muscle pains. Also neutralizes odors and freshens the air.

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