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Luxelle Plasma Spot Treatment Device

Luxelle Plasma Spot Treatment Device

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Luxelle Plasma Spot Treatment Device

Introducing Plasma Spot Treatment, Philippines’ very first at-home plasma device. Harness the power of ground-breaking plasma technology for skin wellness, anti-aging, acne treatment and skin sterilization. This amazing device applies plasma in ion state to the skin, creating fascinating result. It improves skin hydrophilicity and the condition of sensitive skin inhibiting acne breeding. It is effective in healing scars and improving pigmentation. It improves moisturization, helps recover the skin’s regenerative ability, gradually leading to glowing skin. It stimulates the fibroblast in the skin accelerating the production of collagen to restore skin barrier, ultimately preventing wrinkles and enhancing skin resilience. Designed for long-term treatment and prevention of acne, without the side effects of drugs or cosmetics. Suitable for mild and moderate acne.

 Experience the future of skincare with our Plasma Spot Treatment Device. This remarkable tool does more than just treat spots; it's your all-in-one solution for anti-aging, acne treatment, skin sterilization, and maintaining optimal skin health.

How to use:
Wash and clean the targeted area and remove any moisture. Remove all accessories and make sure to dry your face and hands. Push the power button to turn it on. Slowly scan the spot from area to area by tapping the device gently to your skin. With an interval of 10 seconds, the recommended time for the first use is 5 minutes, which can be increased to 10-20 minutes with the increase number of uses. Please don’t use it on the same part for 30 seconds to avoid injury. Applying moisturizer or acne cream after treatment is recommended.

It is time to embrace silky smooth skin, continue using this device for 21 days for best result.

 Embrace the future of skincare and unlock your skin's potential with our Plasma Spot Treatment Device. Say hello to flawless, radiant skin and regain your confidence with each use.

Women who are pregnant or lactating and women during menstruation are not recommended to use this device



This device emits a sizzling sound and a blue-violet arc with a slight tingling sensation, this is a normal, non-toxic and non-radiation.

It is normal that your skin turns red after using the machine, it will disappear in a short time.

The discharge from skin can ooze out and stick to the area where plasma is produced. Wipe it off with clean dry cloth. Continuous maintenance of a properly hygienic state is suggested.

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Customer Reviews

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Yan yan
A must have device!!

This is a must have device, it definitely works as it promises. I don't have terrible cystic


Sulit ang bayad nakakayaman tingnan pero sulit lang yung price nya! D kona kelangan mag pa derma lagi

Grabe super ganda nya

Napaka handy nya lagi ko dala dala sa bag ko kahit saan man ako mapunta, office man or vacation i always have this device 🫶