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Vibe Collection ( set of 5 )

Vibe Collection ( set of 5 )

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Set the vibe with Moments


Enjoy a vacation no matter where you are with these wonderful oils that will keep you calm and relaxed in any destination. Vibe is a collection of oil blends that reminds you of moments that boost feelings of happiness, sunshine and good vibes.


By the Fireplace (Powdery, Woody, Warm Spicy, Leathery) - No other part of the home offers the cozy goodness that you’ll enjoy sitting in front of a fireplace. Pull up a chair, break out a game, fire up a movie, pour a glass of wine. Rekindle those happy moments with this woody, warm spicy scent.

Walk in the park (Fresh, Nature feels, Bamboo) - Spending time surrounded by nature lifts your mood, improves your attention and memory and drives away feelings of fatigue. Keep your access to nature simple with this fresh scent that will walk you through the park.

Easy Sunday Morning (Sweet, Earthy, Floral) - Morning sunbeams peeking through the clouds, birds chirping, a cool, gentle breeze, golden light everywhere, filled with the promise of a new beginning. Waking up to an easy Sunday morning with this sweet, floral and earthy scent with a mind to make the day worth remembering.

Golden Hour (Luxurious smell, Fresh, Light) - Every day without fail, the majestic colors of the Golden Hour has the power to tap into our emotions. Its hazy backlight can feel dreamy and nostalgic. This luxurious smell that is fresh and light will make you feel that moment when it all comes together.

Sunset by the beach (Warm, Sweet, Powdery) - Each day ends with a sunset that is unlike any that has come before or will come after. While there are no words that can encapsulate the true beauty of watching a setting sun across a tranquil sea, this warm scent is reminiscent of that serene moment.



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